Understanding the flow of graduate students from start to finish is very important for universities.  It is beneficial to have a high success rate not only for funding purposes but also because these programs are what make the universities more reputable.   The article Assessing the Progress and the Underlying Nature of the Flows of Doctoral and Master Degree Candidates Using Absorbing Markov Chains by Miles Nicholls (2007) discusses the flow

Applied Logistics Integration Consulting has joined the Problem Solving Community of Practice, a collaborative platform where individuals can share research, articles, tools, experiences, and much more in regards to solving industrial problems. ALI Consulting is now involved as a key partner and is seeking to help in developing this open, free, and online Community of Practice (CoP). This community is open to all individuals (practitioners, professionals, experts, academics, etc.) with an interest in continuous improvement. If you

The assembly line is a production line where material moves continuously at a uniform average rate through a sequence of work stations where assemble work is performed.  Typical examples of where assembly lines are used in production systems include car assembly, electric washers and dryers, electronic appliances, computer assemblies, and toy manufacturing and assembly.  Assembly lines can be categorized in two groups as one-sided assembly lines or two-sided assembly lines. 

Suppose you want to climb to the top of a hill, but you are nearsighted so you cannot see the top of the hill in order to walk in that direction.  Even though you cannot see the top of the hill you can see the ground that lies directly in front of you and determine the direction in which the hill slopes upwards the most (Hillier and Lieberman, 2010, p.

One of the best known routing problems is the traveling salesman problem (TSP) which requires a salesman to travel from a starting location to a predetermined set of destinations exactly once and complete the tour by returning to the place of origin.  In doing so, the goal or objective of the salesman is to travel along that route that minimizes the total distance.  Many variations of the TSP have been

Most Americans are familiar with artificial intelligence and automation within science fiction.  Technological advances may result in the fulfillment of things that once seemed impossible, such as Amazon using drones to deliver purchases to your house within 30 minutes (USA Today), or self-driving cars allowing you to take a nap on your drive from Richmond to Orlando. These advances in semi-automation and automation technologies are poised to drastically change military operations. 

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System integration is the concept of analyzing trade-offs within functional areas of an organization/process, and determining which levels each functional area should operate at in order to produce the most inexpensive system while meeting desired performance/service objectives. This “big picture/high level” system management concept is essential, because optimizing each individual function may actually sub-optimize the totality of the system. One field that has experienced a significant shift towards total integration

The National Football League (NFL) is a multi-billion dollar business whose goal is to satisfy its fans.  In order to achieve optimal satisfaction, the NFL adopted the sudden-death overtime period in 1974 because fans were not pleased with the conclusions of games ending in a tie.  Fans wanted a winner to be declared for each game and in hopes of fulfilling this request, NFL management implemented the sudden-death overtime system, which

Global warming is a growing concern in today’s society.  Many people are trying to be conscious of their carbon footprint by purchasing green products such as smart cars and recycled materials.  Even though people are making an effort to protect the environment, there is still a large amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere every day.  One of the major contributors to this large scale emission is the automotive