**FREE** Six Sigma Tool Kit – Includes the DMAIC Process, Stakeholder Analysis, Project Charters, QFD-HOQ Tools, SIPOC, Data Collection Plans, Control Charting Cheat Sheets, and much more

As a LSSMBB I have worked on numerous Six Sigma initiatives and I have compiled dozens of useful templates and tools that I have used. If you would like a copy of this **FREE** Six Sigma Tool Kit, please do the following:

1. Connect with David Mahalak, CEO Applied Logistics Integration Consulting, on LinkedIn.

2. Follow our new Company Page – Applied Logistics Integration Consulting – on LinkedIn. We will continue to provide **FREE** useful materials ranging from financial simulations to statistical analysis tools. Please follow us so you can take advantage of these useful packages.

3. Please email your requests for the **FREE** Six Sigma Tool Kit to david.mahalak@aliconsultingfirm.com

Applied Logistics Integration Consulting offers a wide variety of Strategic Business Management services, to include: Lean Six Sigma project development and execution, Analysis and Control of Production Systems, Optimization, Data Analysis and Management, Modeling and Simulation, Supply Chain Management, Financial Analysis, and much more. If you or your company should ever need assistance in any of these areas, contact us through our website aliconsultingfirm.com and our knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced consultants will assist.

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